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Road closure 'a waste of time'

(January 07, 2009)
A ROAD closure to protect the tranquility of a normally quite country lane that still exists in Warminster has been branded a 'complete waste of time', writes Paul Macdonald.
Smallbrook Road meanders through Henford Marsh and on Monday was closed by the county council to anything but walkers, horseriders and cyclists near the entrance to Smallbrook Nature Reserve.
"Sixteen vehicles went through here this morning. They were all on the school runs I would say," said dog walker John Cane on Tuesday morning. "It is a complete waste of time. Look at it!"
Pointing at the grass verges Mr. Cane, who has been walking his dogs along there for eight years, decribed the two road closure signs as 'ridiculous'.
"He obviously cannot read," said another dog walker as a driver went by beeping his horn at 11.30am. "We were promised concrete blocks."
"As for the state of the lane the bigger vans have made a mess," added Mr. Cane.
A few plastic cones dot the road where gravel has been thrown into the potentially ankle-turning damage.
The road closure had been ordered in response to the resumption of the town centre improvement scheme. This has a one-way system causing delays but there is an official rat run using Copheap lane.
"We were due to put heavy concrete blocks across the entrances to the road to stop motor vehicles using it, but unfortunately the gang that was scheduled to do this was called away to help with the gritting," explained a spokesperson for county hall.  
"Due to the weather we have not yet had the opportunity to complete the installation of the blocks, we are hoping to do this as soon as possible."
The two road closure signs were solely intended as a temporary measure she added.

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