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Pavement watch (2nd week)

(January 11, 2009)

ONLY a little visible progress has been made this week on the re-slabbing of the High Street in Warminster.

The programme has been going on for more than 550 days and we have been promised it will be finished in seven weeks.

anchor courtThis week fewer than 100 slabs and kerbs were laid on the north side of the street and none was laid on the south side.

“This sort of progress might just about have satisfied Earl Haig in the trenches of the First World War but it isn’t good enough for a High Street which is under siege and fighting for its life,” said Steve Dancey.

“Last week was bitterly cost and not ideal for outdoor work but there was no rain.

“Workers also had to get everything set up again from the Christmas break but there won’t be that excuse next week and I would expect to see much more progress made - otherwise it won’t all be over by the end of February.”

The work has moved on by about 25ft.

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