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Coffee morning, 10,000 pages, radio & YouTube

(January 25, 2009)

SINCE its launch has become increasingly popular with the local public and the amount of traffic generated has grown steadily every month.

The rate of increase has picked up significantly since the new year and we have now had more than 10,000 page impressions since we started the project.

Visits to the site are now running at an average of 30 per day.

There has been very little in the way of costly promotion – only around 400 leaflets have been delivered advertising the site, a few dozen invitations to view the site have been emailed and there was one small ad in the Warminster Journal.

Soon we will be opening up further areas in which we can interact with the public.

“We are planning to hold a coffee morning in the next couple of weeks with the event advertised exclusively on this site,” said Steve Dancey.

“We will be unveiling our latest thoughts on subjects such as transport, car parking and other green issues at this event as well as offering a selection of home-made cakes.

“I think the increasing interest in the website shows that people are not apathetic and are interested in hearing from those who have ideas, enthusiasm and possibly the potential to make a difference to the future of the town.”

Paul Macdonald can be heard talking to David Cox on internet radio WCR on Sunday when Dave presents his Sunday Showcase programme on 1 February.

We are also looking at the possibility of introducing visionforwarminster material to Youtube.

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