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Job vacancies are almost extinct in Warminster

(January 28, 2009)

Dozens of workers who lost their jobs in the last month in Warminster are facing a tough task in finding a new job, writes Paul Macdonald.

 In the last week the Jobcentreplus office in Trowbridge has been asked to help find an employee for just one vacancy in the town of Warminster.
Their website reveals that the only chance to apply for work is for a dental nurse.
The fish4jobs website is only slightly better with two vacancies one of which is commission only earnings selling membership for a motoring organisation.
The other is for a post office manager where experience is required.
The director of a Warminster business who advertised an office vacancy before Christmas was sent scores of applications.
A high proportion of them came from people living in Frome adding to the challenge faced by local people.
The job centre staff ten miles away maintain a noticeboard in the reception area at the Avenue School.
In Bath and Bristol jobcentreplus organise weekly drop-in centres at similar schools. This does not happen in Warminster. Will it happen now?
The question that needs to be asked next - even if they start up should we bring back a job centre with dedicated staff to Warminster?
And could the staff be recruited from suitable qualified out of work residents of Warminster? 

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