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Weymouth Street sees Wild West brawl

(January 29, 2009)

ACCORDING to today’s Warminster Journal there was a brawl involving 50 people in Weymouth Street in the early hours of Saturday morning when most of us were asleep in bed.

The soldiers involved were not from the local battalion based here and there were no serious injuries but such incidents do nothing to further Warminster’s reputation in the wider world.

“This is a disquieting return to yesteryear and leaves some questions unanswered,“ said Steve Dancey.

“Firstly why was it members of the Royal Military Police who arrived here first when we are supposed to be policed by the Wiltshire Constabulary?

“If those involved were not members of the Yorkshire Regiment/Duke of Wellingtons why wasn’t it made known which unit they were from as they should have been named and shamed.

“If they have been ‘gated’ then it is known who they are.

“Finally I wasn’t at all impressed by the pejorative comment from the army spokesman about ‘local yobs like to goad soldiers’.

“It may have been the case in previous incidents but unless he has hard evidence to prove this assertion he shouldn’t have raked this issue up again.”

There should be no excuses for such Wild West style brawling from either side.

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