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Up to eight inches of snow expected - Met Office

(January 31, 2009)
WARMINSTER could be set to see the heaviest snowfall seen in recent times over the next three days.
Winds chilled over the Russian Arctic are expected to sweep across the country on Sunday and on Monday they will be accompanied by snow.
The Met Office has issued a weather warning which talks about 20cm (that's eight inches in English) of snow in hilly areas.
The snow is expected to turn to sleet or rain, except in hilly districts on Tuesday.
With Warminster town situated at more than 400ft above sea level and some hills, such as Long Knoll, south of the town rising to more than 900ft there could be some expecially difficult conditions for anyone travelling any distance.
If we do see heavy snowfall it could lead to blocked roads with the A350 at Lord's Hill and the Heytesbury to Chitterne Road likely to be the worst hit.

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