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Cobwebs brushed off garage housing plan

(February 16, 2009)
AN idea for more houses at Alcock Crest that has been gathering dust in a filing cabinet in council offices at Trowbridge has suddenly resurfaced, writes Paul Macdonald.
Just weeks before the decision was due to be handed over to the new Wiltshire Council members of West Wiltshire District Council will be asked to vote on an outline that would see the garage courtyard redeveloped.
Locals were originally asked in the summer of 2007 if they had any objections to West Wiltshire Housing Society using the land in principle for homes rather than parking.
Nothing more was heard about the idea until September last year and the idea disappeared again.
Now councillors will meet on Thursday this week to take the decision which if positive will lead to full-scale plans being drawn up.
At the same meeting the final 'i's and t's' will be dotted and crossed another social housing scheme at Hillside along the Boreham Road in Warminster is being discussed.

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