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Highways chief makes potholes a priority

(February 19, 2009)

A FORMER town councillor who discovered a dangerous pothole on his regular route to work and reported it was amazed at the speed with which it was repaired.

"I sent an e-mail on Monday to County Hall," Tony Jackson told visionforwarminster. "I got an almost immediate reply and the work was also done almost immediately."
"It was filled by the time of my next journey!"
The county council have decided to act after the harshest weather for nearly 20 years has seen the slightest flaw in local roads attacked by the freezing and thawing weather forming car juddering potholes.
"The problem of road defects appearing after bad weather occurs every winter, but this year Wiltshire County Council is actively searching for them on our main roads," said Wiltshire highways' Graeme Hay.

"We are also following up on every report we receive from people travelling in Wiltshire, but our priority is with the larger, more dangerous holes.
"We prioritise any defect two inches or more deep and about the size of a dinner plate."

People are still being encouraged to report any road defects to CLARENCE on 0800 232323.

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