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Knock down price for West Street homes plan

(February 22, 2009)
THREE decades and more of car repairs and servicing could come to an end in a residential area if changes are supported by councillors in Warminster and approved by their counterparts in Trowbridgewrites Paul Macdonald.
J & G Motors, who now run their business at their state-of-the-art workshops at the Bath Road Business Park after establishing their reputation at West Street, now propose that the site is suitable for house building.
The potentially thorny issue of poor visibility along the busy road they hope will be sorted out by partly knocking down 106 West Street.
The destruction of part of one home would then lead to the construction of one three bedroom cottage and 4 two bedroom cottages councillors at the planning meeting of Warminster Town Council will discover.
At the same 7pm meeting on Monday at Dewey House they will also discuss the £500,000 Wiltshire Community Radio project at Kingdown School (hot topic 18 Feb18) and a last minute addition to their agenda the plans for the Broadway retail area (hot topic 14 Feb).

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