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Councillor reveals that 'Cilla Black' feeling

(February 26, 2009)

COUNTY policymakers heard the authentic voice of the public speak at Kingdown School on Tuesday night, writes Paul Macdonald.

Microphone wielding Cllr. Andrew Davis watched by three cillamembers of staff representing the imminent Wiltshire Council said within the first hour that he felt like 'Cilla Black' inviting Warminster people to 'talk er lot'.
A member of the town's table tennis club was very eloquent describing local players that were at the peak of their game and their need for more space to set up their tables.
"David Beckham plays table tennis to sharpen up his reflexes," he claimed. "It is the fastest ball game with over 100mph."
He added that it was now a very important Olympic sport in this country but they need somewhere to put up more than their current limited number of tables for their teams in three leagues.
As it was a novelty before the start of area board meeting proper the mike passed on to the next group but at the first possible opportunity another member of the public raised the issue again.
"I would ask the town councillors present to look at the Assembly Hall," he said from the back of the hall. "At least three nights a week it is in darkness. Let them (table tennis) have it for a negligible rate."
As the councillors who could have answered were scattered across the room Cllr. Davis did not look to get a response and as he had to continue with his Cilla Black impersonation he nodded and moved on with a thank you.
(Councillor Andrew Davis does have 'form' when it comes to TV. Some years ago he featured as a young entrepreneur on a special HTV West programme). 

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