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Town or unitary councillor - but you can't be both

(February 28, 2009)

SOME last minute changes being made to the handbook of rules governing area boards has made it even more essential for unitary councillors not to serve on town councils concurrently.

Previously it was thought that the quorum for an area board was going to be two but now we are led to understand (by a very reliable source) that it will be three.

This means that if, following the elections on 4 June, a couple of councillors have to declare an interest at a board meeting because they are also members of a town council and the number able to vote falls below three the board cannot operate and take decisions.

“There are very strict rules governing declaration of interest these days and any town councillor who stands should be aware that they may well be asked to resign from the town council if they are successful in gaining a seat on the unitary council,” said Steve Dancey.

“I believe one town councillor from Warminster may be standing for election in another town - he will of course find it easier to continue as the question of interest is less likely to arise..”

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