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Council to ration grant aid to local good causes

(March 01, 2009)
Town councillors are meeting on Monday evening to decide who should benefit from council grants.
Local organisations have requested more than £30,000 but only £13,375 is available from the council budget.
Dozens of local good causes are biting their nails this weekend in anticipation of a meeting on Monday night at the town council offices in Warminster writes Paul Macdonald.
The councillors responsible for deciding how to divide up the money they set aside for their grants budget are being asked for £31,800 but have only £13,375 available.
They do have the power to recommend to the trustees of the Dewey Trust Fund those that they feel they might support as they have done in the past.
The councillors have already supported twelve of the groups in their first allocation of cash from this year's budget.
Another two were refused in July last year and told to ask again at the meeting which will be held at Dewey House in North Row.
At the meeting councillors are being asked for their support to an idea that St. George's Day next year should be part of a special festival and that a parade be organised.
The town clerk is asking 'the committee to consider budget needs and how this should be organised if there is a wish to set up.'

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