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Tory team revealed & their 'local' website

(March 07, 2009)

LOCAL Conservatives have announced their team standing for election to the unitary authority on 4 June.

The four are Michael Mounde for the Warminster Copheap and Wylye seat, Pip Ridout for Warminster West, Keith Humphries for Warminster Broadway while Andrew Davies will be contesting Warminster East. So far no other political groups or individuals have revealed their hands.

To help with their campaign they have produced a leaflet and a web-site - which is being run from Salisbury, it seems???

“Good luck to all the candidates but there’s a general feeling abroad that the town is in a mess and I’m afraid that the buck stops with them.” said Steve Dancey.

“We have a Conservative town council, a Conservative district council, Conservative county council and Conservative MP yet our streets are awash with litter, we lag way being other towns in so many respects and our town hall is a source of shame.

“I'd be making the same point if it was Labour, the Lib-dems, Ukip or the Monster raving loonies - it isn't a party political criticism. The truth is there’s nobody left to blame - you people are responsible.”

No doubt you'll heap abuse on us for daring to challenge the status quo.
Former deputy mayor of Warminster Paul Macdonald, said: "Intriguingly they admit they can be credited for the farce that the town centre roadworks have become, claim credit for the good work of others, and take responsibility for wasting taxpayers money," added Paul Macdonald.
"So the elections for Wiltshire Council have started and no new blood has appeared yet!"
Paul was part of the new broom in 1991 that led to the period of dynamic progress that included the successful Crusader Park.
"How many of these candidates are the right people to take Warminster forward will be a vital question on June 4th. Just one is my view at the moment!"
Info - In their 'IN TOUCH' leaflet local Tories claim credit for Bluez n Zuz when in fact this initiative was started by a policewoman from Marlborough five years ago and is a police led activity. Disgraceful attempt to gain a party political advantage but what can you expect from party politicians?

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