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A Positive start for two new businesses

(March 07, 2009)
A BUSTLING look to Warminster attracted two new businesses to the town's most modern shopping arcade this time last year.
 The innovative Hippopotandmouse activity centre with Warm paint aWishes gift shop have added colour and sparkle to The Cornmarket.
 Pete and Jackie Sanders found their 'right unit' after spending two years running their pottery business in Florida for two years until their visas ran out.
 "Warminster is a nice little town and it's been generally positive," said Pete.
 "The business has been growing and we've had some really good times especially during the school holidays.
 "The half-term just gone was the busiest yet."
 The chance to paint anything from a fridge magnet to a replica of a Ford Anglia made popular again by Harry Potter attracts all ages.
 "I became a member at Christmas," said Julie Anne Coomber (pictured centre with Pete and Jackie).
 "I started coming just after they opened with my 14-year-old daughter but I seem to come more than her now!"
 Hippopotandmouse have also seen their special range of commemorative plates make their mark at weddings and christenings.
 A few doors away Ros Fewell and Belinda Bates add the sparkle to the shopping mall at Warm Wishes which is celebrating it's first year of trading with a ten per cent discount.
 "I think the town needed a gift shop to complement the other one," said Ros. "The town and people have been very supportive.
 "We have nothing to compare our year with and it is difficult to say because of the things going on in the town."
 "We have seen steady growth. We stock things we like and we have added more greetings cards as the card shops are shutting."

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