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Council plans road mayhem after election respite

(March 07, 2009)
A HUGE sigh of relief was almost audible from the business community as two way traffic returned to the town centrewrites Paul Macdonald.
The Market Place did not quite return to its bustling scene of two years ago today (Saturday) but there were clearly more people enjoying the widened pavements.
A visit to the information board in the Three Horseshoes Mall revealed the latest newsletter (number 18 itself revealing how long the disruption has been going) which may give cause for another deep breath.
Gas road works in East Street in April are the fore-runner of yet another phase of the town centre improvements scheme two months later.
"You have got to be joking," said one shopper from Heytesbury. "I have got soaked waiting at replacement bus stops in Station Road.
"Can we have a vote on delaying this to let the town recover and see how what they have done so far is good?"
The delay in phase three of the improvements gives two months respite and the chance for a new issue to be addressed.
There is clear evidence that the beneficial extra bus services both around town and wider afield need more space for them to pick up and drop off.
Today three buses all turned up at the stop outside M&Co at the same time.
An illegally parked car outside the mobile phone shop forced them to hold up traffic all the way round into Weymouth Street as they could not all pull in.

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