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Silly claim - plastic pedal tubs are not boats

(March 08, 2009)
ON the front page of  their ’In Touch’ glossy election leaflet local Conservatives have claimed to have 'brought back the boats' to Warminster's lake pleasure grounds.
Anyone who has been in the town longer than five minutes knows what rowingnonsense this is - what they have done is introduced pedal powered tubs rather then the graceful rowing boats with oars that we used to enjoy.
“I spent many happy hours on the boats in my youth - as did my parents - and you can’t really compare the graceful act of rowing around the lake with the pedal powered contraptions that we have now,” said former councillor Steve Dancey
“They are more appropriate to a 1960s holiday camp such as Hi-Di-Hi although I would accept they are better than nothing. I have had a go.
“The money for the brightly coloured pedal tubs was from Sustain the Plain - a largely EU funded hand-out .”
Pictured: Steve’s parents in a rowing boat on the eastern side of the lake in 1951 - the shelter has since been demolished.

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