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Paul does councillors' work for them

(March 08, 2009)
A MONTH ago town councillors were asked by their clerk to get out around their wards and find work for the county council to do writes Paul Macdonald.
Heather Abernethie wanted members to find work for the parish steward to carry out this year. It highlighted an increasing belief amongst locals that 'we only see councillors when they want our vote'.
visionforwarminster took just two minutes to find a resident who would be delighted to see her councillors out and about.
"This bus shelter has been like this for a long time," said disgruntled Boreham Field resident Gladys West. "It is a disgrace."
The bus shelter opposite The Dene is well used and despite two local councillors living nearby nothing has been done since our hot topic (Feb 6th).
It is missing an important perspex sheet that should protect bus users, the light to make people feel safe in the dark, and is covered in graffiti.
Once again it took two minutes to find out that a simple e-maill to Clarence, the telephone and e-mail hot line, brought a response within hours that someone would be out to look at it.
(Two town councillors live within a stone's throw of the shelter)

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