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Radio station bound for Kingdown

(March 11, 2009)
COUNCILLORS have signalled a huge boost to a local volunteer community radio station that has ambitious plans, writes Paul Macdonald.
"It's wonderful news and we are just awaiting the paperwork to see if there are any conditions," said WCR station director Barry Mole.
"We heard the news yesterday and the next stage will be getting the engineering drawings and satisfying building regs'"
West Wiltshire District Council have given planning permission to Warminster Community Radio for a new state of the art media centre at Kingdown.
"We have agreed with the architect the building will be eco-friendly," said Barry adding another modern feature to the project.
"We will use things like heat pumps and solar panels in the design to minimise the effects on the environment and on-going costs."
Money is a very important concern of the hospital radio station that has evolved to broadcasting 24 hours a day on the internet as well as live to the public for 28 days.
"It will be localised funding to get the initial costs of design covered," said Barry. "Things are moving smoothly."
"When we have all the plans in place we will look at larger funding."
"We will be meeting with Kingdown after Easter for a regular get-together of our working group."
The working group has various school representatives and the support of the 'LEA' explained Barry. 

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