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Seats confirmed with a small important change

(March 13, 2009)

THE Electoral Commission has made some very small changes to the plans for Wiltshire’s new electoral divisions - and one of the small changes includes a Warminster seat.

“I’m pleased that the commission has taken note of the glaring error that was made when they called one of our seats Warminster Copheap and Wylye,” said Steve Dancey, who sent a letter spelling out this mistake last year.

“It was very misleading as this division didn’t include the village of Wylye.

“The division will now be called Warminster Copheap.

“I can live with the names Waminster Broadway and Warminster Without though I would have preferred Warminster Common and Upper Wylye Valley.

“No changes have been made to the re-warding of Warminster town council which means that we should in future have a much more representative and balanced town council.

“Currently the council has 11 Conservatives and 1 Lib Dem when in my opinion the more representative balance should be 5 Cons, 4 LD and 3 Inds.

“Unfortunately we will need to wait until 2013 to find out whether I am correct - or will we?”

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