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Urgent action requested at Sambourne School

(March 16, 2009)
A CONCERNED mother collected hundreds of signatures on a road safety petition in just a few days in order to meet a deadline,  writes Paul Macdonald.
elleElle Pope is mum to five-year-old pupil Ben and soon-to be pupil four-year-old Tom and was appalled by the danger to the children attending Sambourne School.
"My son goes school and it is so dangerous," Elle said just before a meeting of Warminster Town Council. "I don't want to see a (zebra) crossing as a result of a fatality.
"I want to see it to prevent one."
Having talked to councillor Paul Batchelor last week Elle decided to raise the petition calling for the town council to take a lead in getting a safe crossing for the schoolkids.
""The children are so little and the parked cars mean that many car drivers do not see them," explained Elle (pictured this evening).
"The signatures have not just come from school parents. They have come from the local community as well."
Elle presented her petition to the council with 290 signatures on it collected in five days calling for urgent action before someone is killed.
"Elle brought this to me just under a week ago," Cllr. Batchelor told the meeting.
"I would hope that the town council could match fund it with the county. We have done it before.
"The added bonus is that it would move the cars away from the school entrance."
He asked that it urgently be considered by the transport and environment committee.

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