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The great game for Warminster's shopping crown

(March 21, 2009)

WARMINSTER town councillors have heard more about the proposals to redevelop parts of the centre of the town..

Stockland, an Australian owned firm in control of The Three Horseshoes Mall, wants to make big changes to the area to make it more attractive to shoppers and businesses - but the proposals involve the demolition and replacement of the library.

Although a formal planning application has not been lodged the company was anxious to keep the town council informed about the developing plans and sent representatives Simon Hoad and Paul Turner to explain and answer questions.

“A key thing is to link the Three Horse Shoes Mall with the other mall so that we end up with a retail loop,” they said.

“Another key point is that you need an anchor tenant for this scheme such as a 35,000 sq ft food store, a number of operators have indicated interest in this location..”

Another point they stressed was the need for consistency in car parking in the area - which at present is a total mess mess with parts completely free, parts pay and parts two hours only.

They said free parking was the ideal situation for shoppers.

Councillors were keen to maintain the right of way through the mall, questioned the pair about the market, the library and the financial health of Stockland.

With a proposal for a development at the Dents site, Morrison keen to extend and this looming change are we entering the final stage of the great game for Warminster town centre?


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