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Hot snippets: elections/flag count/flowers

(March 21, 2009)
WRITING on an increasingly informative and well read website former county councillor Steve Dancey has turned political pundit on the new elections page on
 With  four weeks to go until Wiltshire Council candidates reveal themselves officially it would appear from his sketch that Warminster is where 'it gets interesting'.
 'Leaving aside the five Warminster seats we see the Conservatives winning 48 in June, the Lib Dems 35, just three Labour, six Independent and one UKIP.'
Mothering Sunday is almost upon us again and if it is late on Saturday night and you have forgotten then a quick visit to Warminster town centre tomorrow morning is the answer.
 The independent Cornflower florists in The Cornmarket is opening its doors for a wide choice of personally put together bouquets.
 "I will be open until about one-ish," said owner Judith who still had two helpers busy at 5pm.
 A visit to her website reveals some of the choices on offer.
 THE latest innovation is revealing how popular the site is becoming among local and not so local people.
 At the bottom of the home page technology allows a visitor count to be shown and since it was introduced five days ago it has even notched up international visitors.
 '144 on the flag counter - I think we may see 500 plus visitors to the whole site this month," says co-author Steve Dancey

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