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Nick flags up Market Place fun for St George

(March 22, 2009)
The patron of a licensed premises is looking for a different sort of licence so the patron saint of England can have his day celebrated very publicly next year, writes Paul Macdonald.
Nick Pitcher has already won the backing of the town council in principle for his idea to celebrate 'Englishness' next year with a festival centred around St. George's Day.
"I now want to see the funfair in the Market Place on St. George's Day," said Nick. "I see flags flying above the shops using the Christmas tree holders.
"The fair people think they can get it all up and down again in one day. It would be marvellous for trade, for visitors and for people of Warminster.
There would be no fast food vans though.
"Traditional candy floss yes but I want people visiting the wide choice of cafes and pub food close at hand."
"Roast beef at the Old Bell, full English breakfast, that sort of thing. Morris men. Everything that makes England unique."
He describes his idea as a 'commercial affair' and not charity, political or nationalistic.
"Did you know the best selling English take-away is chicken tikka masala? And that can be got up the road. it is not a national front thing."
He admits he will need the support of the Wiltshire Council for a licence and the police for the road closure but 'it is for just one day'.
"I went to Holland for their 'orange' day and it was marvellous to get the feel for what they are about, their culture, their favourites."
"I see it as real opportunity to make the Market Place a focus for all that is good about the English way of life."

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