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Mall doesn't fancy a pigeon problem

(March 25, 2009)
A major matter of concern that may appear to have been pigeonholed by local councillors after they pledged thousands to the owner of the town hall saw another bout of activity writes, Paul Macdonald.
Netting that would have kept Ena Sharples happy throughout nether whole Coronation Street career is now being added to the limited amount introduced at the Town hall.
The Three Horseshoes Mall in Warminster is trying to make their canopied area healthier.
After many months where those responsible have said 'that is not my pigeon' more work is being done to tackle a problems that many do not remember being a worry.
"We used to have a few pigeons but now they are a real nuisance," said Angela as she look up at the workmen in a shopping mall. "Maybe it has crept up since the by-pass."
As the latest crew on a extendable ladder were busy the town hall was still home to the pigeons who have rapidly turned the improvement scheme pavements into a mini poop scoop area.
The whole issue at the moment seems to beg more questions than answers of the powers that be.
"Whatever happened to that thing that drove on the pavements early in the mornings with its rotating brushes," said another passer-by.
"It seemed to be able to clear a lot of the muck and the gum as well."
Several visits to the town centre and the Three Horseshoes over the weekend reveal the real attraction to the pigeons - the litter they can feed off.
The bins in the Three Horseshoes Mall were all full on Sunday. There was leftovers from the munchies that the public consume on the floor.
There was very little litter like crisp packets and takeaway detritus along the Market Place reflecting well on the hardworking street cleaner but perhaps the pigeons are a secret weapon gobbling up anything edible.
In London they have become a tourist attraction, great fun to children running at them, and tourists with cameras, but in Warminster they are a nuisance.
The final irony was that after the shopping mall went very quiet after four on Sunday afternoon so there were no pigeons to be seen.

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