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Library net service up to speed after upgrade

(March 28, 2009)
A VISIT to the town library has been transformed this week as the latest improvement adds to speed with which information can be gleaned, writes Paul Macdonald
The internet cafe role in the conveniently located community building has been enhanced with up to the minute computers, keyboards, scanner and the software to match.
Dumped is the slow log on to the Wiltshire County Council home page and in has come the much speedier internet connection direct to Google.
The addition of tabs allow the user to visit more than one site at a time and it is all free to library card holders (which themselves are free).
Joining the library is quick and easy and just needs one official form of identification.
Gone is the need to head for home to check on those all important e-mails as two visits a day are allowed and being miles away from but in another Wiltshire town with a library is just as handy.
"It was my first visit to use the internet," says Alexandra Macleod. "I did explain at the counter that I was of venerable years and would need help."
Alexandra has a computer at her nearby village home but did not have access to a scanner to copy important documents that she wanted to e-mail.
"A helpful member of the public saw me through my first attempt," explained Alexandra once the member of staff had logged her on as a guest. "He was so kind and patient."
"I think that the next time I will be able to see my way through it."
The once daunting task successfully completed the two went to another type of cafe, the Gorge handily placed a few yards away for a coffee to discuss their new found shared interest.

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