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Clarence team promises shelter action Monday

(March 28, 2009)
THREE weeks ago former councillor Paul Macdonald sent a request to county council hot-line 'clarence' to get the bus shelter at Boreham Field by the shops repaired.
His action was prompted a month after it was revealed (Hot topic 6 Feb) that the town clerk was urging councillors out into their wards to find work for county hall to do.
On Thursday Pail sent a follow up e-mail asking for an update.
'Thank you for your email,' came the prompt reply from a customer care officer first thing Friday morning.
'I have spoken to the co-coordinator who deals with our bus shelter maintenance this morning and he has advised he will make sure his teams attend to this shelter on Monday.'
"I would like thank Clarence which for some reason makes me think of a bespectacled civil servant who would spend months on this shuffling bits of paper between departments," said Paul.
"Instead they have moved much quicker and my original hope of getting this repaired for next winter has been surpassed.
"It will ready in time for the April showers!"
*The acronym 'clarence' stands for Customer Lighting And Roads Enquiry Centre. (It was launched at Longleat by Lord Bath more than 12 years ago - there were no crossed-eyed lions on the scene.)

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