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Warminster wilts while Frome flourishes

(March 29, 2009)

ONCE again Saturday saw plenty of open spaces in Warminster’s formerly busy shopping streets and car parks. (See photo)

By contrast Frome town, just seven miles away, was buzzing with business warminster fromedespite the attractions of two major out of town shopping supermarkets and other associated stores.

Steve Dancey who has visited Frome every Saturday lunchtime for the past five years says the east Somerset town has made great strides forward over that time but Warminster has been effectively chocked to death by the long-running council inspired road works and the lack of vision on the part of civic leaders.

“Eventually the road works will come to an end so we must try to do something to rekindle our main street - which in many ways is a much grander avenue than Frome’s topsy-turvy charms,” he said.

“What seems to succeed well in Frome is the Saturday market, especially the stalls that are in the Market Place. (See photo)

“When our town centre ‘upgrade’ is finished we must make the most of whatfrome market we are given and the wide expanse of York stone slabs should be used to site market stalls as in Frome.

“We know it works there - but no doubt one of the negative do-nothing brigade who seem to dominate the town council will find a reason why it can’t be done here - maybe it will cost them a few quid and require some effort.

“If they can’t do things they should make room for those with a can-do attitude as the town badly needs help.

“With the dreadful drag of West Wiltshire District Council now history we now have the opportunity to put our own house in order so that it can flourish once again.”

One thing which is particularly galling is that one of the stalls on the Saturday market in Frome town centre is run from a van displaying a 01985 telephone code - our code.

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