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Double trouble at junction pinch-point

(March 29, 2009)

NEW woes have afflicted the controversial road narrowing/pavement widening scheme in the town centre following the switching on of the new crossing outside Coates and Parker.

Those who are in the area during the school rush hour tell us that there have been moments of gridlock and frustration when vehicles, including lorries, have parked up in unusual places.

traffic lightsWith just a few feet of clearance any illegal parking is a recipe for chaos in this area.

Another problem appears to be that the new crossing is located too close to the Weymouth Street junction. (Pictured)

It is another cause of frustration as vehicles back up and reduce the efficiency of the junction.

“Goodness knows what will happen next time we unfortunately have a serious accident on the bypass and traffic is diverted through the town - especially next year when the scheme is eventually finished,” said former county councillor Steve Dancey.

“We will, of course, be told that the experts at County Hall have insisted that the new road meets national guidelines.

“These are probably the same experts who said the Westbury Road junction at Upton Scudamore was safe, despite my banging on the table at the old transport and highways committee.

“Only when there was a tragedy at the scene and someone was killed did they relent and put in traffic lights.

“The same people who declared that the town didn’t need a weight limit when we all knew it did.”

God save us from ‘experts’ who like to think they know the town better than locals - and the councillors who lap up their nonsense.

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