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VFW still prepared to work with those who listen

(April 03, 2009)
THERE are many issues that are being put forward for debate by that are gathering more and more public comment as the letters page of the Warminster Journal reveals every week now.
"I welcome the debate that this important Journal page allows about ideas between those of us who would like to go forward positively and those who find reasons not to and excuses for inaction or mistakes," says vfw co-author Paul Macdonald.
"We believe that just like before when we sorted out what was blighting the development of Crusader Park so again a positive approach is needed to the town.
"I am very disappointed that the independent work that both Steve and myself (whose letter was published this week) has been almost universally 'sent to Coventry' by those in charge.
"We genuinely thought that using our spare time they would appreciate our efforts and take up some of our ideas.
"We are not caught up in endless cycle of meetings and working groups that our elected members serving on several different councils, sometimes at the same time, find themselves in.
"Thank goodness the public in ever increasing numbers understand what we are doing. We will not allow them to be let down. Ideas from the grassroots keep things fresh.
"Thank goodness for the non-political police who seem receptive to public concern and have found a way to increase their presence in the town."
The ideas on the innovative website are still open for comment.
"It has been a shame very few members of the town council have  been interested in anything we have had to say," said Steve.
"Both of us have lengthy experience in many areas of local government and there still is a willingness on our part to work with those prepared to listen to our views - we should all be part of the same team - 'Team Warminster' not Team Tory or Team Lib-Dem.
"I gave up being a member of a political party in the last century and have no intention of ever rejoining one - leave party politics in the House of Commons."

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