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The X factor - why we had to update it

(April 07, 2009)
THE scene of a council spending more valuable 'prime time' discussing headed notepaper than the future of the community has led to some major changes to a chapter on a forward looking Warminster website.
"It is absolutely vital that the town council jumps at the chance to play a much bigger role," explains Paul Macdonald, co-author of .
"Last autumn when we wrote our vision for democracy in Warminster we started with a blank sheet of paper.
"It has been a real eye-opener how conservative with a small 'c' the town has entered the twenty-first century.
"Having given the town council the benefit of the doubt with their impressive sounding working groups, numerous meetings, and six-figure budget we now realise that it needs a makeover."
The 'X factor - reclaiming democracy for the community' has been updated in the light of the experience of attending town council meetings and reading the minutes.
"The issues that now need addressing need a new approach by the town council," claims Paul who served for four years on the council at a time when the town had the highest unemployment rate in the county. It may still have - but no stats are available.
The town council were given the opportunity with the demise of the district council to take on a much bigger role but that is unlikely to happen as councillors are driven by cost and responsibility considerations rather than the positive opportunities of local knowledge.

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