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Wiltshire Council's new website is dreadful

(April 08, 2009)

WILTSHIRE Council has claimed that its metamorphosis into a unitary council has gone smoothly but there is one important area where it has failed dismally - its website.

The new site is pathetic for an organisation with its resources and role.

Not only is it dull and monotone it is not working very well.

“If I were asked I would give it about one out of ten - and that one mark is just for being there every time I have called it up,” said Steve.

“They really should have done a lot better than this and the failure to do so is rather worrying, if it is typical of what may have gone on in other areas of its business.

“In the past it has been possible to call up planning applications and supporting documentation with ease but when I tried to do this on the new combined site it was having none of it.

“Hopefully this was just evidence of teething trouble and it will sort itself out fairly quickly.

“I think the county council officers may have underestimated the extent of public engagement there has been between the general public and the old district councils.

“For every time over the past year I have contacted a county council I must have contacted a district or borough council 10 times.”

To judge for yourself the extent of the problem take a look at the council’s new site - but be warned looking at it for too long could spark an episode of narcolepsy.

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