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Poetic meeting in Trowbridge store

(April 10, 2009)
Leslie Rocker, who has been working out of the limelight to help improve the town in a variety of ways, is now revealed as a thought-provoking poet.
Leslie was at the prestigious Waterstones bookshop in lrockTrowbridge  for the official launch of his book written over many decades.
"It went very well really," said Leslie after completing his last signing. "We had a lot of people interested.
"It was a new experience for them to meet a poet!"
He was there for two hours cheerfully chatting about his project which has brought together writings from his days during the second world war to his most modern thoughts expressed in poetic verse.
The book leads with his pride and joy 'The Devil and Mrs. Brown' but is full of a wide variety of shorter writings. 
Asked what had a special meaning for him apart from the main piece Leslie said without too much thought 'When I am gone'.
"It is a realisation but also a wider concept that the world only exists for me but once," he revealed.
"Once I've gone what happens to the world"
The book is now on sale on the amazon website or direct from the publishers AuthorHouse
"I was really pleased when I saw the advert in the Warminster Journal. It sent me beetling to Trowbridge today," said Paul Macdonald.
"Leslie Rocker, who I know as a behind the scenes dedicated worker on behalf of the community, was holding a book signing.
"Now I have his first ever copy to be signed with a message to my youngest daughter who is much more arty than me!"
Within thirty minutes of getting her special copy she on the phone telling her friends about it.
She picked out without prompting the very poem Leslie chose.
"I liked the rhyming scheme and you could relate to it," said Debra surprising her father especially as Saturday night TV was on.
Leslie is now looking to hold a reading in Warminster and is already receiving invites from other towns.
Work is starting on the next 'chapter' of ideas about the way forward for leisure and culture to be published on the website

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