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Transport a priority for youth says Emma

(April 18, 2009)
TWO months ago Warminster's Emma Batchelor became a very young MP winning a seat in an exciting election to the United Kingdom Youth Parliament.
emma newEmma tells visionforwarminster about her experiences since the campaign was won. 
"An idea that I really feel strongly about is trying to get young peoples concession card for local transport," says Emma who was 17-years-old when she won her seat.
"It is one of our aims to work towards nationally in the UKYP but if we manage it at a local scale then that's a start.
"The government has managed to fund a concession card for over 60s so I think something should be done to fund one for under 18s."
"What do you think is the best idea for young people that we are suggesting?" asked co-author of Paul Macdonald
"The teen shelters, as a lot of young people want their independence and this will provide them with it in a safe environment where they can do no harm to others," said Emma.
"A lot of teenagers just create trouble as a means of something to do because they are bored. I think that these are a good idea as they can hang out yet be out of the way of others.
"It will also mean that the PCSOs and the police will be able to keep a closer eye on them as they will know where they are."
"How have your first two months representing local young people been?" said Paul
"They have been very good. A few weeks ago I spent the weekend in Devon at the regional residential and we decided our three main campaigns to put forward towards the national campaign," replied Emma.
"It has also been really good meeting other people with the same ideas and ambition as me.
'What was your first impression after attending a meeting?' said Paul.
"That it is about fun as well as hard work. They are also not as formal and dull as I thought they would be.
'What has been the highlight so far?' said Paul.
"The highlight has been meeting all sorts of new people and realising that young people do actually have a voice and can get a lot of things done if they try!"

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