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VFW's useful meeting with town councillor

(April 20, 2009)
AN informal  get together with the co-authors of was held at the weekend after a town councillor of two years' standing asked if they could meet.
"I would be interested in meeting with you to consider how measures described in the website might be approached in a 'joined up manner' to achieve goals that I think its fair to say we all share," said Tony Field via e-mail on Friday.
It quickly led to a chat over coffee the next afternoon lasting over sixty minutes.
Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald have been setting out ideas to stimulate discussion on the popular website with some strong views on the role of town councillors and the future of the town hall.
"It was good to meet with Tony who I did not know apart from seeing him speak at town council meetings," said Paul.
"It was useful to hear about the role that he is playing not only as a councillor but as a civic minded person helping out at the Athenaeum.
"As it was a relaxed occasion chatting over a cup of coffee without any agenda we covered quite a wide ground explaining our views and hearing Tony's opinions."
"We left things open at the end but a few of Tony's suggestions may well prove useful in the future."
The three agreed that the current electoral arrangements will be most unsatisfactory if they remain in their present format for the next full set of Town Council elections.

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