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Placid lercher on the loose in Boreham Field

(April 25, 2009)
A WANDERING dog without a collar or tag has been picked up by the dog warden service after several hours were spent trying find the owner.
 A lercher was wandering around the Boreham Field area of dogWarminster by the garages and shop when it followed a householder indoors as they came back from the newsmart.
 "She was very placid and our grandchild quickly gave her the name 'Max'," explained Paul Macdonald.
 Armed with an image on his digital camera Paul approached neighbours, and people in the shops that were busy at lunchtime, but to no avail.
 A poster was then produced after the newsmart owner's daughter Nina and the chip shop owner Darrell said they would help. Another one was posted at the busy bus shelter.
 After speaking to some locals of several decades with no one recognising the stray and with the weekend approaching a phone call was made to the former district council telephone number.
 "I would have happily looked after it for longer, perhaps one night, but our family cats may not have taken to her," said Paul.
 It took just 30 minutes for the dog warden to arrive and check the hound for a chip or tag. It is now at Bath Cats and Dogs Home. It will be there for seven days and then put up for adoption.
 "Anyone who recognises the our four-legged guest should tell the owner to ring 01225 - 776655 extension 252 for information about what to do next."

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