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Broadway shop decision likely to be overturned

(April 25, 2009)

PLANNERS who have rejected a scheme for further development at the Broadway shopping centre in Warminster have shown good sense, says Steve Dancey.

The officers at the council had recommended approval but members rejected this because of potential overlooking of neighbouring properties and possibly parking and flooding problems.

“I have followed the path of planning applications for more than 25 years and sadly, the likelihood is that the applicant will go to appeal and, armed with the officers’ recommendation to approve, is about 96 per cent certain of winning.

“But full marks for councillors who stood their ground on this issue.

“I would like to add a further matter.

“VFW has already been contacted by residents in the Pound Street area who are worried about the volume and speed of traffic along the narrow Victorian highway.

“I know this area very well as I used to live there and I’m certain that traffic along this road has increased markedly, and over and above the general increase in traffic, since the arrival of the Tesco Express shop at Broadway.

“Whether you approve of Tesco or not there is no getting away from the fact that this company offers a large section of the population what they are looking for and so even a small store has a major pull effect.

“Parking in the area is already a problem, even at 9pm.

“Perhaps if Morrisons extended their store hours a little in the evening it would help - or do we have to wait until Waitrose arrives and Morrisons starts to listen to its customers.”

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