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Famous five log off - but why, as others haven't?

(April 25, 2009)

MYSTERY surrounds the demise of a special website set up to promote the five candidates from the blue party who are standing for election in the Warminster area.

If you log on to this site it says ‘Until the 5th of June, this web site, along with those of all Party nominated candidates in Wiltshire will be temporarily closed. This is part of the campaign team strategy for this election. All Internet presence in the interim period will be handled by our party agents from here’

But this is not the case as if you log onto this website you can find an example of a very good campaigning site run by a former district councillor.

“I quite enjoyed Mr Seed’s site which has a good deal of local information and photos of the candidate - I particularly liked the one of him with the chickens,” said Steve Dancey.

“After reading through an elector would have a reasonable idea of what Mr Seed is about and can make a better informed choice about whether to support him or not.
"It even tells you when and where he will be knocking on doors with some good old fashioned electioneering.

“There are some excellent candidates drawn from all parties, and none, standing in this election and if the right people are elected County Hall could be a very interesting place.

“However if the wrong people are elected - those with the do-nothing attitude mixed with lack of ambition and aspirations, then it could be dire.

“It could well be that the blues are heading for an overall majority on 4 June but it would be much better for us all if that majority was wafer thin so that others could keep them on their toes and hold them to account.”

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