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In praise of the Air Ambulance YOUTUBE

(April 26, 2009)
THE website having added a new dimension through You Tube are now adding a community politics feel to the ethernet.
The discovery that using a simple digital camera to film a message that can be broadcast led to Paul Macdonald trying it out. He has already been recorded by his colleague Steve Dancey talking about local campaigns and their website.
"I thought that my first practise run should be in aid of something important to Warminster and not about me," explained Paul.
"I have long been a keen supporter of the air ambulance as the nearest A&E departments are twenty miles away and as a former photo-journalist I have often covered the life-saving role."
"I think everyone in town knows someone who has been assisted by the flying paramedics."
It did not take long for Paul to set up a simple photo-shoot at his home recording a message that includes the invite to visit the Wiltshire Air ambulance internet site shop.
"It is my latest way of backing the appeal as not all the costs of the service are covered by Wiltshire Police who jointly fund it with the NHS.
"I was going to spend a bit of time polishing it up but then I thought 'no this is my first attempt for you tube and it should be saved for posterity warts and all'."
The Wiltshire Air ambulance appeal website is a long established link on

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