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April showers in Fairfield Road

(April 28, 2009)
YET another month goes by without there seeming to be a solution to a serious and long-running inconvenience to people trying to go about their business.
'Pedestrians and cyclists still face a drenching every time there is heavy rain along a major route into Warminster town centre' wrote former councillor Paul Macdonald in January.
Fairfield Road was once again the scene of a huge pool of water being sprayed several feet high over the pavement on the Argos side of the road this morning. first drew the attention of the authorities to this is a hot topic published on January 18th.
Town councillors were told four weeks later that the problem is due to an illegal connection from a foul sewer into a storm water collection drain.
Highways staff were trying to find where the source 'came from' and promised to clean it out.
"Ten weeks later and it is obvious that the matter has not been resolved to anyone's satisfaction except some idiot boy racers," said Paul angrily.
"I have been accused of sniping for keeping up the pressure for improvements in dealing with key issues.
"This is another example of issue after issue that goes on not for weeks or months in this town but years.
"Everything from this to the state of the town hall and the recently resolved bus shelter at Boreham Field has existed for more than two years.
"I love the less frenetic pace of life in Warminster but add it to the three years it may take to complete the town centre improvement scheme and people may understand why we need a new vision for the town."

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