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Paul gives 'In touch' and 'focused' pledge

(May 10, 2009)
IN Warminster you have to give credit where credit is due as a resident who took the plunge to run as an Independent candidate for the Wiltshire Council elections to take on the party political machines steals the march on them.
Paul Macdonald, co-author of the thought provoking website decided that the best way to take their ideas forward would be as a councillor.
"I am now convinced that we have the support of the public which civic leaders could have latched on to," said Paul after delivering his 2,000th leaflet to ask for votes to secure his seat as a new civic leader.
"They reacted with no enthusiasm in contrast to the almost one thousand visitors to our website in just six weeks. They are joined by many more since we launched it."
In just ten days since Paul decided to stand for election on  4 June  he has been supported by fellow co-author Steve Dancey who nominated him for election as an Independent for 'Warminster East'.
Neighbours and residents of his ward did not hesitate to say 'he's our choice' including a leading 'keep Warminster tidy' campaigner.
Once he took the plunge he has single handedly designed, printed and distributed an informative A5 leaflet amongst the community he seeks to represent from his little corner under the stairs at his home. 
"I have been unable to find a few addresses but I hope they will forgive me and get in touch. I have to say that there are those who state on their flyers that they keep in touch with us all year round.
"Those leaflets only appear at election times. We have been innovative with our internet site which is now nine months full of ideas but I now pledge that I will keep in touch both through our website and with my small leaflets on issues by street and road as they occur should I be elected.
"Residents of Boreham Field, The Dene, and St.George's Close already are updated about my work on their behalf about their bus shelter. The same for others who complained about the town hall mess.
"Youngsters are responding really well to our ideas with several now asking how do they vote!"

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