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Twenty is plenty in residential streets

(May 10, 2009)
"WHAT on earth is twenty is plenty," said a resident of the Boreham area of town as Independent candidate Paul Macdonald handed the latest version of his first leaflet that has been single-handedly delivered to nearly 2,300 households.
 "It comes from a message to the website that I co-author with Steve Dancey about a problem in Pound Street.address 20
 "A few years ago I asked about a 20 mph limit around Boreham Field but was told that government guidelines needed the local council to bring in safety measures of their own and our straight roads did not meet the criteria' is the reply I got."
 It was at the time that the new look Queensway and Princess Gardens emerged from the the demolition of substandard Pre Reinforced Concrete homes.
After a look round Westleigh, when delivering leaflets for his fellow Independent Warminster West VforW candidate Steve Dancey, he is now going to take up the campaign again.
 "I well recall the fuss that was made by a then party political candidate about the Westleigh area being made a safe zone and using it as electoral propaganda.
 "I think we need to take a fresh look at this across the town and I have said to Steve that I will support his campaign to get road safety made a priority for Pound Street and invite suggestions from residents about other areas of concern."

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