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Bus stop is fully operational at Boreham Field

(May 12, 2009)
THE final repair to a much used Warminster bus shelter has been carried out and has literally thrown light on what can be achieved by a community politician.
The stop at Boreham Field is now illuminated again after two e-mails this week from local resident Paul Macdonald reminded the local authority about the issue and cleared up a minor confusion.
"I am once again pleased that the council responded so quickly," said Paul who is standing as an Independent in the June 4th Wiltshire Council elections.
"Apparently they classified it as a street lighting fault."
The bus shelter had its fabric restored to pristine condition within weeks of the co-author of pointing out the damage to 'clarence' at county hall.
"It was the two years and more that this facility stood in a bad state of repair that helped me take the decision to put myself forward.
"It is not major problem on its own but was symptomatic of the feeling of inertia that had overcome those who should have done something."

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