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Stonehenge plan fails to deliver yet again

(May 14, 2009)

THE Government has come up with yet another plan for a visitor centre at Stonehenge.

This time the idea is to have the centre about a mile west of the stones at Airmen’s Cross.

One of those at the forefront of the latest plan, which will see the closure of the A344 past the stones, is Andrew ‘Lord’ Adonis.

This man is unelected and was formerly the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for this area before he defected to the Labour Party - a career politician and the man responsible for the ‘academies’ in education.

The proposal is the latest in a series brought forward for Stonehenge by governments over the past 25 years.

“We must recognise that Stonehenge is a special place and should therefore take great note of what is proposed,” said Steve Dancey, who headed the county council’s tourism committee when at County Hall.

“In my view the visitor centre should be east of the stones and in low lying country as most of the visitors come from the east.

“Under this plan most will have driven past the stones on the unimproved A303 before reaching the centre which will rather spoil the experience.

“Airmen’s Cross (or Corner, as the Government has wrongly called it), is at a relatively high position in the locality and would be clearly visible from a wide area if a visitor centre was built.

“Local people including people from Warminster would see their journey’s lengthened by a mile each way if the A344 was closed and there would be significantly more congestion on the single carriageway section of the A303 between the Longbarrow roundabout and Stonehenge bottom.

“The government should bite the bullet, recognise Stonehenge’s special significance and pay for a dual carriageway tunnel as was proposed originally.

“Perhaps we should ask the EU for funding - after all we pay enough into it and it is about time we received a fair deal in funding terms”

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