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Constructive relationship wanted with town council

(May 15, 2009)

WARMINSTER may well have a new mayor come Monday as the town council holds its annual meeting on that day.

One item of interest on the agenda will be the role unitary councillors will play on the town council.

It could be that three of the four unitary councillors could also be town councillors but it could also be the case that none of then is a town councillor after 4 June.

“This issue has, quite rightly, been raised by Andrew Davis but unfortunately I have a prior engagement on Monday evening and so will not be able to attend,” said former county councillor Steve Dancey.

“If I am elected I will be looking forward to a constructive and positive relationship with the town council and I will take particular note of their comments regarding planning.

“When I was last elected in 1989 I’m sad to say that some members of the town council were very negative - they were punished two years later however when they were kicked out at the elections.

“That option isn’t available this time round as whoever is elected on 4 June will need to work with the town council over the following four years to help turn around the town’s fortunes.”

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