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1,000 new visitors since 15 March - thank you

(May 15, 2009)
VISIONFORWARMINSTER has jus attracted its 1,000th new visitor since 15 March when the authors decided to go public about its success.
Two independent minded individuals decided over a cup of coffee last summer that they would take their views about the future of Warminster and post it on the internet. was launched and the pair of 'fifty-somethings', Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald, invited everyone to take a look - advertising the site mainly by word of mouth. 
"We were met by a lot of negative responses from some so on March 15 we said let's be open about the interest in our site," said Paul.
"Others claim that they are listening and are in touch but we are pleased to say that since the counter was launched on the home page over 1,000 individual local households have taken a look," said Paul.
The two proponents of this innovative website are now candidates in the local council election on June 4 and are actively campaigning over the next three weeks.

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