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Run down play area highlighted by Paul

(May 15, 2009)
THE state of a children's play area is the latest issue to be taken up by Paul Macdonald, the Independent candidate for the East ward of Warminster.
"I noticed almost a year ago that civic pride seems to be very low on the agenda of those that have been entrusted with our support to look after the town," says Paul Macdonald.
"I made a note a few weeks ago that the children's play area at The Dene has lost its fencing."
Paul has for many months written hot topics pointing out the lack of attention to detail by town, district, and county councillors seemingly engrossed in projects like 'scoping studies'.
"I thought after criticising their work in a positive way encouraging them to remember to take a look around their wards and deal with the day to day issues they may have responded.
"I have now again taken this latest issue up!"
Paul has sent an e-mail to the new Wiltshire Council to see if they have been made aware of the problem. They have taken over the work of the former keepers of the amenity - the district council.
"I have been there several times and picked up the litter that has been blown on to play area and the bottles that have been thrown. I have also picked up some of the dog poo."
"Hopefully the good response that I got to problems with the bus shelter near the shops just yards away at Boreham Field will get the same response by the council."

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