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Did Town Hall work endanger public health?

(May 16, 2009)

COUNCIL workers engaged on cleaning up pigeon poo outside the Town Hall in the early hours of Friday morning could have been exposing hundreds to dangerous pathogens.

At 7.05am on 15 May a large water tanker was outside the hall and a worker armed with a high pressure spray was gaily blitzing the mess.

Unfortunately the work was sending a cloud of mist  along the  High Street for about 100 yards - goodness knows what germs it contained.

“While the area now looks cleaner I am worried that this high pressure spray and the cloud of fog could have spread dangerous organisms over a wide through the spray containing small sd1particles of pigeon poo,” said Steve Dancey (pictured right)

“I’m now calling on the environmental health officers to carry out an investigation into what happened and to give a cast iron guarantee that such practices cannot spread disease.

“I’m also interested to know who paid for this work as the responsibility and the cost of the work should fall on the owner of the building and not the council tax-payer.

“I will also be asking who sanctioned this work.

“If I don’t get the answers I’m afraid I will be shaking a few trees if I’m elected on 4 June.”

The man undertaking the spraying wasn’t wearing a mask.

We will be publishing the council’s answer on this site.

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