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MP predicts bigger role for town - we agree

(May 16, 2009)

WARMINSTER’S MP Dr Andrew Murrison was at the Civic Trust AGM held in Dewey House on Friday evening and spoke at the end of the meeting.

He touched on the current difficulties being experienced in Westminster, the situation of Warminster and the likely outcome of the local government changes in Wiltshire.

“While Dr Murrison has been our MP since 2002 this was the first occasion I had seen him speak in public,” said Steve Dancey, who attended the meeting.

“I agreed with most of what he had to say and I hope that some members of the audience were paying attention.

“Those attending included town councillors March, Nicklin, Fraser, Ridout, Burden - all members of Mr Murrison’s party.

“He didn’t believe that the area boards will work very well but thought that the future would see the towns becoming more important, perhaps along the model used on some parts of the continent.

“I wholeheartedly agree with this view and hope the town councillors do as well.

“There are town councils in Wiltshire that have already taken over such functions as car parks and we could do the same.

“Once council (pictured) did this when Mark Boden was chieflud car park executive of Kennet District Council - he is now a senior figure in the unitary council and could well be a serious contender for the chief executive post next year.

“We in Warminster should also be allowed control of our car parks in the same way as others have been.”

During the meeting the trust looked at the perennial problem of what to do about East Street and the possibility of introducing a one-way system.

There was also a universal thumbs down for the Stockland proposals to move the library or any development of Morrisons on public property.

“‘Nolan’ rules prevent us from commenting on potential planning applications for fear of fettering our discretion but I’m sure everyone at the meeting left totally sure of the public’s viewpoint,” added Steve.

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