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Lose a stone and win an election?

(May 16, 2009)

VISIONFORWARMINSTER bumped into Warminster Copheap’s busy Independent candidate Christopher Newbury in The Cornmarket on Saturday.

Chris is putting everyone to shame with his work rate.

He has delivered in excess of 10,000 leaftets across his sprawling division which takes in part of Warminster plus the villages around Codford and Heytesbury.

Mr Newbury tells us that he has lost a stone in weight so far - and there’s still three week to go to election day.

“That’s what you have to do if you want to be elected as an independent,” he said.

Delivering 10,000 leaflets single-handed is no mean effort in a more urban area like Warminster but in the villages it is a truly Herculean achievement.

“I once stood for election in this part of the Wylye Valley in the 1980s and lost by just 26 votes,” said Steve Dancey.

“What I can remember is the length of the driveways and gardens in some of the villages such as Corton and Upton Lovell so delivering 100 leaflets can be quite time-consuming.

“People also like to chat which delays you still further.”
Four others candidates are contesting the Warminster Copheap division, Michael Mounde (Conservative), Charlotte Mozley (UKIP), Steve Martin (English Democrats) and Graham Hedley (Liberal Democrats). As a non party political website we are, of course, not promoting any other candidate and wish them all, equally, the best.

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