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Lib-Dems - nothing at all to say about Warminster

(May 17, 2009)

SUNDAY it seems is the day the political parties like to deliver their leaflets - this time it is the Lib-Dems.

They have popped two leaflets through the letter box - one with their Wiltshire policies and the other one from the local candidate.

They have done better than the Tories in that at least one was printed in Warminster but the colour glossy one was printed in Somerset just up the road from the citadel of Somerset County Council in Taunton where the Lib-Dem run council risked £28 million in Icelandic banks - outdoing even our local Tories.

“Sadly the local leaflet has absolutely nothing whatsoever to say about the particular problems faced by Warminster or what needs to be done here,” said Steve Dancey.

“All it said about the local situation was that voting for anyone else is a wasted vote - how sad.

“We need to be represented by people who know Warminster, care about its future and have a vision of where it should be going.”

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